African Inspired Streetwear is an ethical brand which was born in 2013 and grew up in the markets around London. The JEKKAH flagship store is in Camden Town and they also have an online store JEKKAH are in the unique position where they are crossing the bridge between street wear for everyone infused with the freshest African prints. JEKKAH pride themselves on making excellent quality casual wear in The Gambia by hand and bring their own contemporary designs which are upbeat and current. JEKKAH are a breath of fresh air in African inspired fashion. 

JEKKAH is a word taken from the Wolof language, which is a language spoken by over 10 million people in West Africa, mainly in Senegal and the The Gambia. Wolof is a spoken language, not a written one so people may argue over the spelling but the word has a clear meaning:  

jekkah [je-kka], n. (1) to be beautiful or elegant, (2) to be well-dressed