Returning to the AFWL catwalk under another brand name, Noir comes back as NNOOL and we can't wait to see how they have progressed!


The mantra of Nnooll is arresting:
"Your Style Is our Command. You are unique, so why bother trying to dress like everybody else?
You are playful, yet sophisticated and always ahead of the game.
You are a Style Rebel, and this collection is our celebration to you."

Each garment is ethically handmade in The Gambia.

The winner of the 'Best Looking Stall' competition is Sherene Melinda.

Sherene Melinda’s exhibition stand represented all that we like to see at AFWL.  She paid so much attention to her 2x2m space that we were amazed with how she managed to utilize a relatively small space.  Sherene brought all her won floor-to-ceiling shelving, glass cabinets and heavy metal hanging to exhibit her luxury handbags.  She put so much work into making an inviting space, we thought her a worthy winner.
She is a new exhibitor to AFWL, and also managed catwalk.  It did us proud to see our fabulous male model – Emeka – parading her beautiful designs much to our audience’s delight!
Pre-event, she represented AFWL beautifully on the Pauline Long Show at very short notice and gave great interview.  A wonderful exhibitor and designer.  Congratulations Sherene!

                     WHAT DOES SHE WIN?

Her prize is a free 2x2 exhibition stall at next year's AFWL. So Congratulations once again and we look forward to seeing her brand again next year.




"AFWL is delighted to be able to support the Aaugust design team by choosing them as our Young Designer of the Year 2015 and supporting them at a London Fashion Week's off schedule showcase. We are particularly proud of Emalda Mbulo and Suwilanji Katuka as they were volunteers at AFWL 2014 and were obviously inspired by our designers then. Working hard on their dreams and achieving the recognition they deserve." AFWL Management.

                        ABOUT AAUGUST

                        ABOUT AAUGUST

AAugust is a new upcoming brand that was discovered by Emelda Mbulo and Suwilanji Katuka. Recently graduated in Fashion and Textiles our brand revolves around tailored clothing and textiles, we combine the two skills in unpredictable unique ways to create garments that are versatile in accordance to your personality.  
African print and weaving techniques have been a part of our inspiration giving us the chance to work with both men’s wear and women’s wear.

The WARRIOR COLLECTION was inspired by multiple things, as black Zambian born women we both wanted to incorporate our culture and upbringing, this was the glue of the collection, We wanted to concentrate on skin colour and what it means to be black in this society. We were also inspired by the different representations of skin in non-biological ways. For our male garments we focused on masculinity and how we are able to make or mask masculinity at any given time using the garments we wear. This became exciting because it allowed individualism to become a subculture, giving us the opportunity to alter our appearance.

For the female garments we were inspired by the idea of “the ideal woman”, we didn't want to create an ideal woman’s collection, we wanted to create a collection that embodies the ideal woman. We want to inspire a generation to look at black women differently, to embrace and be acceptance of CULTURE.

AAugust prides itself in making bespoke garments with a twist. This collection has characteristics such as Defence, Identity, Tribe, Strength, Culture, Function, Absence, and Beauty these attributes build a sense of security and belonging. WARRIOR allows us to define character though clothing. “Fashion is born of instinct; it’s how you want the world to view you”

"We are over the moon about the news and we thank Africa fashion week London on seeing our talent and potential, AAugust is a very new brand and we are so grateful that we are already getting such great opportunities and exposure, and we are excited about our future".
Thank you
Suwilanji Katuka & Emelda Mbulo.