This Fashion Blogger’s Perspective On AFW London 2015 Is So Exciting!

Yaa Lia is a fashion blogger, editor and photographer over at YaaLia's Fashion Sense blog And she loves African fashion just as much as we do over here at AFWL. Her exciting perspective on AFWL 2015 made us fall in love with her and we decided to share that quirky-ness and her passion for fashion with you all on here.

“I met lots of other bloggers and of course, professional fashion photographers who were so helpful with sharing some useful photography tips. It was also nice to catch with some of the models and staff I met and worked from previous show. The public was amazing too, stopping me every so often to ask for a picture as they liked my outfit very much.”

Read on to enjoy her review of AFWL 2015 edition and her lovely styling at the event.