CEO Of REFASHION AFRICA Has Big Dreams For The African Fashion Industry

Leanne Tlhagoane is the CEO of Refashion a digital destination for curated African based fashion, design, style and travel content. With a passion for fashion, her journey in the industry has led her through marketing jobs, Fashion school in New York and back to her home country South Africa.

For Leanne T, keeping a fashionable eye on urban Africa is an everyday celebration, an everyday inspiration.

Speaking with us about her view on African fashion Leanne has an inspiring point of view. According to her,

“African Fashion is beginning to rightfully contribute to the global fashion story, I have no doubt that the African Fashion story will continue to rise along with the rest of the continent.”

“In 2020, my hope is that we have a more robust and thriving fashion market, with inter-regional trade across the continent driving growth. In Africa, sustainability is not a new idea. Leveraging what we already know will lead us into the future.”

With her idea to create a dedicated African fashion platform, Leanne uses Refashion Africa as a platform to contribute to the future of African fashion whilst showcasing a fashionable, creative and modern side of urban Africa.

This busy fashionista takes pleasure in dressing up and expresses her feelings through her style. In her words, “My number 1 fashion rule is to dress according to how I feel or how I want to feel. This daily ritual is a creative expression of my style and something I take pleasure in.” We asked Leanne to drop a few words for our readers and she gave us these adorable and inspiring tips. Enjoy!

5 Success tips From Leanne Tlhagoane:

  1. Know your story and speak from the heart. It’s attractive.

  2. Confidently express your thoughts and style. It’s magnetic.

  3. Learn how to Network and get to know people. It’s valuable.

  4. Quality over quantity, always wins in the end. It’s more sustainable.

  5. Patience and persistence breeds success. It’s critical.

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