Meet the AFWL Designers Showing At Africa On The Square Black History Month Celebration This October.

In Trafalgar square this October, the Mayor of London, Borris Johnson will be hosting the second annual black history month celebration tagged- Africa on the square.

With a long history of collaboration, Africa fashion week London has been billed to produce the fashion show for the event (we are super excited!).

Find out who our handpicked designers are, who will be showcasing at the event. With years of experience in fashion designing and a respectable following in London and across Africa, our unique selection of designers are bringing so much fun, creativity and glamour to Africa on the Square!

Meet The Designer- TÓTÉ London

TÓTÉ London was found in 2010 by Self-proclaimed Ankaranista, Bola Obileye. Over the years, TÓTÉ London has truly become part and parcel of Cosmopolitan fashion in London.

According to the designer, every single item from TÓTÉ London is designed with the quintessential elegant women in mind who loves to look chic effortlessly. The TÓTÉ love affair with African print fabrics also known as "Ankara" in West Africa can be described as "Always and Forever". Ankara has been a symbol of African fashion for over 50 years and we dare say it'll be around for much longer and we continue to be inspired by its vibrant color and brilliance.

Meet The Designer- Caroline Beyll

Caroline Beyll creates timeless pieces inspired by the 50’s fashion styles. With a focus on sophistication and class, Beylls’ dresses are flawless and seductive. She describes her pieces as “Style that is timeless with gorgeous, out of this world fabric. Our designs are fresh, young at heart and are also fun but sophisticated dresses”.

Meet The Designer- Thora Jewels

THORA JEWELS is a London based bespoke hand-crafted jewellery and accessories designer. Her collections are designed using gemstones, crystals, pearls, fabrics, leather, metals, vintage finds etc. And according to her, “Each design is unique to itself. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are involved in every single process, from the initial concept, design, production, to the delivery of the products. We aim to stand out and never compromise on quality” Thora Jewels just had a successful outing at the AFWL 2015 and are looking forward to an even bigger success at Africa On The Square event.

Meet The Designer- AAUGUST

AAugust is an upcoming brand that was created by Emalda Mbulo and Suwilanji Katuka who have both recently graduated in Fashion and Textiles. The combinations of African print, textile techniques and fine tailoring have been a part of their inspiration; giving them the insight to work with both men and women’s wear. "Born in Zambia and relocating to England at a young age gave us a chance to embrace our culture in everything we do”. Their brand is currently based in the UK. 'Our brand philosophy is “Fashion is born of instinct; it’s how you want the world to view you”... Emalda Mbulo and Suwilanji Katuka

Meet The Designer- Innocente Messy

Messy loves fashion and attributes it to the fact that she grew up in a tailoring household. The daughter of a seamstress, messy combines African prints and unique styles with exquisite tailoring to give her clients a unique fashion experience. Another AFWL designer, we sure can’t wait to see her inspiring collection once more at Trafalgar Square this October.

Meet The Designer- Gitas Portal

Gitas Portal is a London based design company, specialising in contemporary African inspired ready to wear apparel and accessories. The brand is known for its clever use of colorful print and design to create timeless wearable pieces for women, men and children.

But there is a bit more to Gitas Portal. An acronym for 'God Is Truly Amazing', the brand is in recognition of the fulfilment of God given gifts. Gifts are effortless expressions of alignment with purpose, meant for liberation, sharing and enjoyment. So while Mariatu has certainly found her gift as a talented designer with an astute eye for unique and interesting prints, Gitas Portal continues to excite wearers - offering them the opportunity to live life in color through fashion and to celebrate their individuality.

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