Nigerian Fashion Designer Deola Sagoe is Featured on Al Jazeera’s ‘My Nigeria’ Series | Watch

My Nigeria is filled with beautiful things as well as things that may be perceived as ugly. It is a land with potential. – Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe is one of the designers who led to the global expansion of Nigerian fashion even though Deola’s father, prominent Nigerian businessman Chief Ade Ojo, never wanted his daughter to go into fashion.

As part of the My Nigeria series on Al Jazeera, Deola Sagoe takes us into her fashion world and how she sees Nigeria.

The Deola brand is cast in the role of an effective and impactful organisation, particularly with regards to Nigeria’s image.

Deola explains that ‘Being a Nigerian was no limitation for me because I just thought, well you haven’t seen me and there’s loads more like me.’

Watch her feature below.