Let’s just say you completely missed out on the hashtag MBFWCT that recently invaded the explore page on Instagram, or maybe you didn’t and you’ve found yourself scrolling infinitely through runway and backstage pictures while double tapping to signal your approval on pieces from the different collections.

We went through that too, which is how we became familiar with Marianne Fassler, one designer whose collection was influenced heavily by art, architecture and social activism.

More than ever, art is playing a major role in shaping perspectives in fashion. Designers are tapping deep into it and the resulting interpretation could be extremely fascinating. For Marianne Fassler, she drew inspiration from the Ponte Tower in Johannesburg which is famously celebrated in the work of Mikael Subotzky.

The Print-a-Porter collection, as the designer named it, is nowhere near minimalist but a jumble of voodoo-mask geometric prints, knife pleats, and mesh details in beautiful proportions. “It’s got a lot of edge, and It works for me“, she mentioned.

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