7 Sure Signs It's Time For A Wardrobe Change

Do you cringe and worry whenever you open your wardrobe looking for something to wear? Yes? That’s your first sign that you are not looking for an excuse to go shopping. Deep sigh? We know. These tell-tale signs are your pointers that you need a wardrobe overhaul.

Every item in your closet is at least 5 years old. Don’t get me wrong investment pieces are a great buy and tend to stick around for a long time. But if your entire wardrobe is made up of items from the O.J Simpson days, then you definitely need a wardrobe overhaul.

You are always under-dressed. In college or in your twenties, you could get away with just about any fashion style. But if you're always the under-dressed person in most outings, then consider yourself in need of a wardrobe change. Always remember that polished and boring are not the same thing. You want to look like you know what you are about wherever you go.

Your favourite blazer could fit your niece. Hanging on to too small clothes may be prudent and motivating, but those size 10 dresses are messing with your head. Do you really want to open your wardrobe every morning and look at clothes you cannot wear? You want to feel and look great in your clothes correct? Then give those too small dresses out and go get clothes that fit and makes you feel good. That’s the whole point anyway. Hanging on to clothes you can’t wear is just not cool anymore.

Your closet is full and you have nothing to wear. If you are one spandex dress away from becoming Kim K, then its probably time for a wardrobe change. You want a solid range of stuff you can wear- not a huge pile of things you don’t love. Before you hit the malls, make a promise to yourself to only buy things that fit your body and your lifestyle- the lifestyle you actually have.

* You don’t have any high heels because you are afraid of them*. Do you have any idea what a good pair of heels does for a woman’s poise and confidence? A pair of well-made, well-balanced high heels shouldn’t be missing in your closet. Experiment with heel heights and structures to find the chicest pairs you can actually walk in.

* All your jeans have holes in them.* If you don’t have a decent pair of jeans that you can pair with a tank top and blazer to work on a casual Thursday, then consider an update to your wardrobe. With the distressed jeans rage at the moment, you want to be able to stand out by looking cool in a straight, holes free jeans.

* You are afraid of flats.* The exact opposite of the high heels connundrum, a good pair of flats should always be on hand as your go-to for comfortable chic dressing. If Alexa Chung or Lana Del Ray could pull off flats on the red carpet, then so can you!

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