3 Fashion Don'ts For Adults

As an adult, your dressing style is expected to denote maturity because your dressing conveys a strong message to the world about who you are and what you value.

Dressing your age can sometimes be tricky because young and trendy clothes seem to look great on the killer body of some thirty or fourty-something women. But an adult who takes pleasure in dressing like a teenager will not only be style-blind, but it will encourage people to read into your fashion choices. That been said, you don’t need to dress like a teenager to look fab and stylish.

Here’s our top 3 items of clothing you should disassociate from.

Bedazzled Anything

Even without being told, bedazzeld items are not meant for adult . Teens easily get attracted to these type of items – from tees to shoes. Please leave the rhinestones for a tween.

Charm Bracelet

You wore Charm bracelet when you were a teen, even at twenty-something. Now that you’re thirty-something, you really need to upgrade to a jewelry that comes fully assembled like the one below.

Peter Pan Collars

If at thirty-something, you still have Peter Pan collar dresses in the wardrobe, we beg you to give it to your little niece. Peter Pan collars are named after a kid who refused to grow, and are usually seen on little girls’ party dresses. A sleek, simple neckline is much more adult.

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Source: http://www.fashionwalkafrica.com