6 Steps To Becoming A Fashion Designer On A Shoe String Budget

Always wanted to be a fashion designer but not sure where to start? Good news! You have just started your fashion career if you are reading this article right now. Why is that? Because the first step to starting your fashion brand is to get as much information as possible about fashion designing.

Start with the following steps and thank us later when your clothings are on the runway and you are living the life you always dreamed of!

What To Do…

Get yourself a sketch pad and start sketching as much as you can.

Get a day job so you can start saving for fabrics and tailoring fees.

Don’t have enough saved up yet? Keep sketching and working that day job. You’ll be glad you have those extra load of sketches on the days you are under a tight deadline and have no time to sketch.

Get a friend who has your version of an ideal body shape. Use her dress size to make as much of your sketched dresses as you can afford to.

Don’t forget to divide your sketches into collections, so you don’t have a ton of mismatched dresses on the runway. This turns off potential fans and critics.

Made those dresses yet? Great! Now start searching and applying for fashion shows in your community and anywhere else you can afford to travel to. Don’t be afraid to start small, if two other people besides your family and friends see your design, it means two extra families and their friends are talking about you and your new brand!

Draw up a business plan to figure out how you intend to finance your fashion label and look into getting a store space. This way you don’t have to rely heavily on buyers to sell of your clothings. Good luck! 