4 Ways To Get Celebrities To Start Wearing Your African Fashion Brand

African designers who make dresses using Ankara prints are doing brisk business by branding and positioning their designs as Luxury items.

Kim Kardashian in Ndebele Tribe of Africa Print. 

Kim Kardashian in Ndebele Tribe of Africa Print. 

In recent times, designers who deliver well-tailored garments in fashionable, wearable styles quickly make a reputation for themselves as conscientious and stylish. Designers who show class, elegance and style in their pieces automatically attract the exact same crop of women to their brand.

Ituen Basi, Jewel by Lisa, House of Deola and Tiffany Amber are some of the most successful African fashion designers of our time. The least priced item in a House of Deola store is $125. Ituen basi’s ready to wear dresses start anywhere from $280 and up. thes designers have been known to have had Beyonce, Rihanna and other world class celebrites wear their pieces. What do these designers do differently? And how can you become like them?

  1. They are serious about their passion for fashion which stimulates them to create the best version of their clothing ideas. Able to visualize the woman they’re designing clothes for, they strive to answer each and every possible question about their target market in order to design and craft clothes their target market can buy/wear. How would my “Muse” wear a flowing red dress? Answers to questions of this nature helps you design pieces that are streamlined for a specific demographic.

  2. Make good tailoring a priority. Expertly tailored garments are synonymous to designer wears. Making sure your garments are well tailored, have no running lines, use of the right stitch in the right place etc. is one of the hallmarks of achieving luxury status for your African fashion line. Hugo boss, Versace, Gucci and the likes of them are considered luxury items because of the durability of their pieces. Borrow a leaf from these celebrity designers and start making your tailoring exquisite!

  3. Use the right models for the right clothing concept. A two piece suit in multiple colors and patterns, that’s designed for a bohemian, color- loving woman should not be styled on a demure looking model who does not connect with the piece she’s modelling. The right woman in the right clothes will do wonders for your brand as your audience will begin to sense a pattern from you. People will begin to say things about your brand like, “A great way to go boho is WXY designer. Her pieces are just right for the FTH event!

  4. Pay Attention to Detail. The reason behind Michelle Obama wearing Ituen Basi instead of your pieces might just be that little detail you’re missing in your clothes. Perhaps your items don’t come in with spare buttons. Or maybe it’s the threading that just doesn’t look right at the hemline. It could even be that your summer dresses are a little too heavy for the women who live in really hot climates. The smallest detail ignored can make a world of a difference to how your clothing brand is perceived. Start paying attention to the minutest detail and soon enough you will be known for that and the celebrities will start paying attention to you.

Don't forget to blow your trumpet too. Tell everyone you know, everywhere you go that your clothing line is a luxury fashion item! if you don't promote your brand, who will?

Eku Edewor In Needle Point Shop

Eku Edewor In Needle Point Shop

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